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Watch Out for Nootropics- Brain Health Supplements

Last updated: April-14,2020

Watch Out for Nootropics- Brain Health Supplements

Unless you live under a rock, there's a good chance that you've heard or read about nootropics. For those who may be out of the loop, 'nootropic' is a broad dietary supplement that's come to include a variety of naturally occurring and synthetic cognitive enhancers. Over the course of recent months, they've continued to work their way into the nutraceutical spotlight. And from what our team has seen, it looks like nootropics won't be leaving the dietary supplement stage anytime soon.

The Trend Report: Nootropic Dietary Supplements

As we've mentioned in the past, one of our favorite methods for gauging the "trendiness" of a particular ingredient or supplement type is with the help of Google Trend Reports. These nifty reports can display the relative popularity of a particular search query over time. Here's what the current graph for "nootropics" looks like:

Nootropics Google Trends Report

Like some of the other trend reports we've looked at, this one is certainly impressive. Since 201, user interested in nootropics has skyrocketed, with the historically peak coming during February of this year. As of today (May 18th, 2016), interest in nootropics is currently sitting within 9 points of that all-time peak. If this trend continues to rise, manufacturers and brand owners looking to leverage the popularity of nootropics need to act now.

Nootropics & Reddit: The Online Presence

Along with topping the charts when it comes to search queries, one of the most notable characteristics of the nootropics community is its online presence. Along with dozens of enthusiast and brand-run websites dedicated to the category, the nootropics Reddit community has garnered the attention of nutraceutical media outlets time and again.

Wait, what is Reddit, exactly?

With its bulletin board-like structure, Reddit is an online platform that allows registered community members to post, comment on, and share information with other users. Among web-users, Reddit has been recognized for the broadness of the topics that it covers – from entertainment gossip to the latest in world news – as well as the fervor of its users. At the heart of Reddit and its communities sit dozens of Reddits (categories) and hundreds of sub-Reddits (sub-categories), which serve as the site's virtual watering holes.

The Nootropic Reddit

With over 71,000 subscribers, hundreds of active users and dozens of topic threads - those looking to understand what's going on in the "trenches" of the nootropics world arguably need to look no further. While most of the information gleaned from these threads must be taken with a grain of salt (given the fact that there's no way to easily verify the validity or accuracy of given users' remarks, even if they cite their sources), Reddit and other social platforms are an undeniably valuable asset for those trying to keep their finger on the pulse of the nootropics world.

The Takeaway

Interest in nootropic supplements is on the rise. For those looking to strike this iron while it's still hot, turning to online communities and social media can be a great way to gather information and find direction.

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May 18th, 2016

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