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Tarragon Health Benefits

What are the Medicinal & Health Benefits of Tarragon?

Tarragon Health Benefits

Not many people know of the tarragon's health benefits. In fact, not many people have heard of this bitter, but aromatic culinary seasoning called tarragon. Traditional usage and folklore of tarragon health benefits exist. Emerging scientific research is now corroborating these and discovering the added wonders of this bitter sweet herb. More than a decade of research has revealed some promising health benefits of tarragon leaves that have led to a rising demand for tarragon supplements in the dietary supplement consumer market. Our blog on the manufacturing trends in the dietary supplement market is a storehouse of information.

What is Tarragon?

Tarragon is an herb, a hardy perennial native to southern Europe. Other names for it are Estragon and Little Dragon. The French love the anise-like almost licorice flavor of this herb and use it to delicately flavor eggs, chicken, fish, and cheese. Tarragon is also used to spice up vinegar, mustard, relishes and sauces. Russia has a different variety of tarragon, one which grows wild and is more subdued in flavor. The leaves of both varieties, however, are known to have beneficial properties and are used in manufacturing tarragon supplements.

Current research has confirmed the following medicinal benefits of Tarragon:

  • Heart Health

Tarragon supports cardiovascular health.

  • Digestive Aid

Tarragon can be used a digestive tonic. It helps to alleviate gastric discomfort and bowel complaints. It is believed to relieve abdominal bloating. Tarragon also helps to stimulate the appetite. People suffering from anorexia find it useful to build appetite and stimulate the digestive system.

  • Women's Health

Tarragon is useful as a supplement for women. It is considered to have emmenagogue properties.

  • Sleep Support

Tarragon can be used to facilitate a good night's sleep.

  • Diuretic

Tarragon is considered to be a diuretic and helps to expel excess water retention in the body.

  • Bath and Beauty Products

Tarragon is used in the manufacturing of soaps and cosmetic because of its fragrance.

  • Building Muscle

The most recent studies show tarragon health benefits most specifically in Russian tarragon. Russian tarragon helps to increase muscle creatine absorption. This effect is similar to muscle creatine absorption when creatine is ingested with large amounts of carbohydrates. Since tarragon provides the same effects with creatine, the consumption of high doses of carbohydrates is no longer necessary. This is, indeed, a promising ingredient in bodybuilding supplement manufacturing.

  • Antioxidant Properties

Tarragon has been known to possess antioxidant properties as well.

Other Health and Medicinal Benefits of Tarragon Include:

  • Supports good oral health
  • Reduces body odor
  • Appetite stimulant / improves digestive function
  • Promotes eye health
  • Fights bacteria

Demand for Tarragon Supplements Is On The Rise

Tarragon supplements in the market today have received wide consumer acceptance. With ever increasing scientific research substantiating the health benefits of tarragon, the market demand for tarragon supplements is predicted to rise as more awareness is created. As more research on tarragon health benefits becomes available in 2010, tarragon supplements manufacturing is predicted to have an even higher growth potential.

The Takeaway

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January 13th, 2010

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