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Tips for Creating FDA Compliant Dietary Supplement Label [Infographic]

Last updated: March-29,2022

How to Create FDA Compliant Dietary Supplement Label

We’ve said it before, and we’re sure to say it again – label and package design should be a top priority for every dietary supplement brand owner. Dedicating the necessary time, effort, and resources has the potential to pay off tenfold. So, what are the dietary supplement label requirements for FDA compliance? Let’s take a look.

In our industry, one of the most important components of any successful labeling and package design effort is FDA compliance. Without it, your supplement cannot be sold in the US.  To avoid unnecessary reformatting/printing costs a brand owner should make FDA compliant packaging a priority.

Is My Nutritional Supplement Label Design FDA Compliant? How Do I Know for Sure?

Great question! Fortunately for us, there are several resources available for brand owners looking to ensure that their product packaging is compliant the first time around:

  • FDA.gov – Going straight to the source is almost always a viable option. The FDA has a myriad of online resources covering (in at least some capacity) every component of their dietary supplement regulations – including the regulations that cover labeling and packaging.
  • Your Manufacturer’s Graphics Department – Working with a professional designer or design team that specializes in labeling and packaging for dietary supplement products is a must. Not only are they already familiar with the current rules and regulations, but they can also recommend additional legal/regulatory counsel for those who wish to seek it. Which brings us to option number three…
  • Third-Party Regulatory/Legal Counsel – For those looking to guarantee that their product labels are compliant, seeking third-party legal counsel is a simple and effective option.

Get Started with Our Infographic on Dietary Supplement Labeling Template

For those looking to start the label design process (and for those who are just plain curious) we’ve put together a general template highlighting the basic elements of an FDA compliant supplement label. For those who wish to peruse a complete dietary supplement labeling guide, we suggest visiting the FDA’s official site. Want more help with dietary supplement label designs? Make use of these 6 tips for your next label design!

How to Create FDA Compliant Dietary Supplement Label Template

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March 23rd, 2016

About the Author:

Vincent Tricarico

Vincent Tricarico is currently the Vice President of Contract Manufacturing at NutraScience Labs. With nearly 20 years of direct-to-consumer and business-to-business experience, Mr. Tricarico is a respected executive in the dietary supplement industry and is well-known for his ability to consistently build and grow successful teams that produce results. Over the years, his work has been published in many industry trade publications, such as Natural Products Insider, Nutritional Outlook, and WholeFoods Magazine.