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Are you making this dietary supplement flavoring mistake?

Last updated: June-24,2021

Are you making this dietary supplement flavoring mistake?

You're there. You know exactly what the next supplement in your product line will be. At this point you've got everything that you could possibly need – a high-quality formula, your ideal contract manufacturer, product packaging and labels – everything. On top of it all, your new supplement product is flavored perfectly. It's got an out of the box flavor that tastes great. What more could you possibly need?

How about timing?

When it comes to launching a new dietary supplement product, all the R&D, effort, resources, and planning you've done can be reduced to next nothing if the timing for the launch is off. Especially if you're looking to leverage the flavor of your new supplement product, timing is absolutely key.

Flavoring Dietary Supplement Products with the Seasons

When I say "summer" do you think hot cocoa? When you think about winter do you find yourself with a sudden hankering for a "melon ball blast"?

Probably not.

For many of us, there are certain flavors that simply "go" with a given season, and as a result, we find ourselves actively seeking them out during that particular time of year. A great read about the seasonality of supplement flavors, Savoring Sun: Flavoring Sports Supplements for Summer, in a case in point.

Choosing not to leverage this particular aspect of human seasonality is basically the same as turning down a free boost to your marketing budget.

Timing a Seasonally-Minded Dietary Supplement Product Launch

Even though there may be no official set of rules when it comes to launching a dietary supplement product with a seasonally-minded flavor, we've been helping brand owners bring their products to market for a long time – and as a result, we've noticed a thing or two.

Generally speaking:

  • If You Have a Winter Flavor: Starting the manufacturing process by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn (and by the beginning of October at the latest) is usually enough time to finish the manufacturing process for a new product from start to finish. Leaving you with a product that can be on the market December or January.
  • If You Have a Summer Flavor: Starting the manufacturing process by end of winter or beginning of spring (and no later than the beginning of April) is usually enough time to finish the manufacturing process for a new product from start to finish. Leaving you with a product that can be on the market by June or July.

The same set of rules for supplement flavoring would apply to spring and autumn: In order to leave a nice buffer for you and your team, you should consider starting the manufacturing process at least three months before you want your supplement product to be on the market.

How Can NutraScience Labs Help You Develop the Best Flavored Supplement for the Season?

NutraScience Labs is proud to be regarded as being one of the premier powder supplements manufacturerWhile we can certainly produce traditional crowd-pleasing flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, our certified food scientist specializes in developing mouth-watering, cutting-edge flavors that will help distinguish your product from the rest and build brand loyalty. Bring us your ideas and our team will do our best to make them a reality!

For more information on how to get started, call 855-492-7388 now to speak with one of our live representatives or send us your request to receive a free powder manufacturing price quote in 48 business hours.

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March 7th, 2018

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