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What are "Clean Label" Dietary Supplements?

Last updated: January-30,2023

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What are "Clean Label" Dietary Supplements?

Today's consumers are not passive buyers. Fueled in part by the general push towards healthier lifestyles built around high quality, minimally processed foods and consumables, today's consumers want to know anything and everything about the product's that they're buying – and dietary supplements are no exception. Which is why it seems like the "clean" dietary supplement movement is here to stay.

Currently, there is no official definition of "clean" or "clean labeling" when it comes to food, beverages, or dietary supplements. That being acknowledged, the most popular unofficial definition for "clean label" in the world of dietary supplements goes something like this:

"Clean Label" dietary supplements are those made with simple-to-understand and minimally processed ingredients. Typically, a "clean label" supplement will be free of synthetic ingredients or preservatives, GMOs, allergens and gluten.

Until the FDA makes a move to provide an official definition of the term (a move which probably won't be happening anytime soon), it's up to brand owners and manufactures to craft products that try to adhere to these loose guidelines, assert best practices, and achieve "clean" without being misleading.

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For those looking to craft a "clean" supplement (or any supplement, for that matter) there's one factor that's always worth incorporating.

Transparency: The Key to "Clean Label" Dietary Supplements (and All Dietary Supplements)

If we take a moment to stop and recognize what's actually driving the movement for cleaner, greener products, it becomes clear (no pun intended) that transparency is of the utmost importance.

For a brand owner or manufacturer looking to work within the parameters of the "clean" labeling world, pairing the effort of adhering to "clean product" principles with transparency concerning formulation, ingredient sourcing, ingredient process, the final product, and its packaging/marketing is a key step in establishing authority, credibility, and trust with your customers.

The Takeaway

While there may be no official definition for "clean" dietary supplements, all signs seem to point to the fact that the consumer demand for minimally processed products and dietary supplements won't be letting up anytime soon. For brand owners looking to seize opportunities in the "clean" arena, being mindful of the basic principles of "clean" and valuing transparency may be two key factors for long-term success.

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