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Capsule Size Chart

Last updated: January-30,2023

Capsule Size Guide

For businesses planning to encapsulate a dietary supplement formula or develop a product line, putting the necessary effort into researching the appropriate capsule sizes can save a great deal of time and money. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the field or are just starting, selecting the appropriate capsule sizes is an indispensable, but often overlooked step.

Understanding the capsule sizes available to you is key to figuring out precisely what you need to buy for your unique application. The industry norms for capsule sizes are typically unfamiliar to consumers or nonexperts, and this lack of understanding frequently results in purchases of the incorrect size capsule and product returns. It could take some time to get the perfect capsule size the first time but doing so will prevent buying mistakes and will keep costs to a minimum in the long run.

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This capsule size guide is intended to help you better understand the standard nutraceutical capsule capacities and the factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right size for your unique product line.

Popular Capsule Sizes

Capsules come in standard sizes numbered from 000 to 0 and 1 to 4, in descending order of size and capacity. At NutraScience Labs, we help with sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, and 2.

Understanding capsule sizes may seem perplexing because smaller-sized capsules have higher numbers than larger-sized capsules. For instance, a size 2 capsule is smaller than a size 1 capsule. Similarly, a size 0 capsule is smaller than a size 00 capsule.

Size 00 and size 0 capsules are the most common capsule sizes because they offer sufficient volume for several formulations and are convenient for people to swallow.

Capsule Size Chart about different Capsule Sizes

Size 000 Capsules

The largest capsule size for

human consumption is designated as Size 000. On average, this stores roughly 1000 mg of powder. However, the exact amount depends on the density of the ingredients. Therefore, evaluating the mesh size and density of the powder you plan to fill is advisable.

Size 00 Capsules

The Size 00 capsule is one of the most widely utilized in the supplement business due to its suitable size and high fill weight. The 00 capsule stores around 750 mg of powder.

Size 0 Capsules

One of the most popular capsule sizes in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries is the Size 0 capsule. It has an average dose size of approximately 500 mg.

Size 1 Capsules

Size 1 is smaller than the zero-numbered capsules and is ideal for people with difficulty swallowing capsules. It holds roughly 400 mg of powder. In some cases, it is not the best choice for customers looking for high dosages.

Size 2 Capsules

A Size 2 capsule can hold about 300 mg of powder. Again, if your target market includes children or elders who have difficulties swallowing capsules, this is a perfect size to utilize.

However, given the small size of the capsule, filling it with powder and administering it are both challenging. Despite not being such a popular purchase option, it is one of the least expensive because the materials are cheaper.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Suitable Capsule Size

When selecting a capsule size, you must take into account the fill weight you wish to achieve, the use of any bulking agents, and the capsule manufacturing machine. The capsule size will vary depending on the density of the powder you are using. Some powders are significantly denser than others. The powder's fineness is yet another aspect.

Here are some parameters that you should consider when choosing the right capsule size:

Necessary dosage

The amount of the active agent or compound required for the capsule to function effectively determines the necessary dosage. So, the first and foremost factor to consider is how much of a certain ingredient you want to put in each capsule. After that, additives and excipients will be introduced to assist the capsule in passing through the manufacturing equipment. The chosen capsule size must be able to accommodate the correct proportion of each ingredient in the formula.


The density of the particles that will be a part of the capsule can either be more or less. There are filler substances that can be added if the filling density range is less than the size of the capsule that you desire to supply. You could find that you need to split the preferred dose into two capsules of your preferred size if the density of the dose is larger than what can fit into that capsule size.

Aesthetic Preferences

For many brands, visual appearances and aesthetics are important considerations. In some circumstances, you might choose a specific capsule size for better aesthetics. For instance, you can choose a smaller capsule since it complements your brand image better.

Ease of Ingestion

The physical size of the capsule is also an important parameter to be evaluated to select the size. An elder or child who might not be able to administer larger capsules, for instance, should be given special consideration when choosing a capsule.

Capsule Imprinting

As a brand owner, you may wish to order custom capsules with your brand name or logo imprinted on it. While this does have appeal, there are a few points you should be aware of.

First, you’ll have to make sure to have an adequate supply of all the imprinted capsule sizes on hand for each product. If you run out, you’ll have to wait to manufacture a new batch of your product until you receive more imprinted capsules. Second, imprinting will add to your capsule costs. Third, the value of imprinting diminishes with capsule size. If you are using a size 00 capsule, consumers will likely be able to read the imprint on the capsule. If, however, you are using the substantially smaller size 2 capsule, the imprint will be difficult to read, so it may not be worth the cost and limitations to do it. Of course, you can always use a size 0 or 00 for your product, and just use more filler rather than use a size 2 capsule; this would allow you to continue using the imprinted capsules for all of your encapsulated products.

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November 7th, 2022

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