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Powder Supplements Manufacturing Process

Last updated: January-18,2023

Powder Supplements Manufacturing Process

Have you ever thought about the process of protein powder manufacturing?

For more than 40 years, protein supplements have been a nutraceutical industry staple. Research suggests that this segment of dietary supplements may reach a global market size of USD 32.6 billion by 2027[i], with a CAGR of 8.0% between 2020 – 2027. This is mainly due to the growing number of fitness enthusiasts and rising consumers’ preference for a protein-rich diet.

As a brand owner, it’s of utmost importance that you produce high-quality supplements that help your customers reach their health, fitness, and wellness goals. A good quality supplement is a result of an adept powder manufacturing process – where from formulation, flavoring, and branding to packaging and labeling is of top-quality. For example, if your formulation is lousy, and your protein supplement tastes bad, the chances of your target consumers purchasing it are slim.

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Several procedures and steps are involved in manufacturing a high-quality protein powder supplement. This also involves understanding the end consumers’ preferences and tastes to ensure that it stands out in the highly competitive protein supplement market. In simple words, if you know why people want to buy your product and the flavors they’re looking for, it’ll lead to more re-order business, helping you grow your protein brand.

Supplement Powder Flavoring Advice

Moreover, for manufacturing high-quality powder supplements consistently, a particular structured set of quality control and quality assurance measures need to be taken. To help ease your journey, let’s walk through the manufacturing process of protein powder supplements.

What Does NutraScience Labs' Powder Manufacturing Process Look Like?

General formulation & Pricing – The initial stage typically includes the quoting of general formulations, which can be coupled with the personalized specifications of the customer. These specifications can, in addition to the basic formula, give you your very own customized product. Accordingly, price adjustments are made after approving and incorporating these specifications.

Pre-approval – An array of carefully curated flavor samples is prepared on a bench level, that subsequently go through a pre-approval stage.

Blending – Once approved, we scale the formulation up to a full-production batch size that proceeds into a blending process. However, before actually blending the formulation and putting the entire production process into motion, you are given a formula recipe ‘batch sheet’ for approval. During the blending process, we take periodic samples for testing to ensure a homogeneous blend and even distribution of ingredients.

Consistency – After your product has been blended, you can inspect it for consistency in flavor and texture. You may find this process crucial as it serves as an essential step in ensuring that the product perfectly meets your expectations.

Packaging – Once approved, we pack the final blend in an assortment of packaging materials that vary from bottles and bags to stick packs and more. The choice is yours!

Labeling – The supplements carry labels that suit the FDA regulations along with customizations as requested by the clients. Our award-winning labeling and packaging designs always have something unique for our customers.

Quality Check – The product then goes through a final stage of inspection to test the efficacy and microbial limits to ensure that the product is made according to your personalized specifications and the cGMP regulations.

As a matter of precaution, this elaborate process may include additional tests for special requests, such as allergen claims.

What Makes NutraScience Labs Different?

At NutraScience Labs, we put the needs of our customers first. As part of our rigorous training process, account executives are trained to go the “extra mile” to ensure our clients understand every facet of the protein powder manufacturing process. Over the years, we’ve found that following this process results in a finished product that not only meets – but exceeds – our clients’ expectations.

Powder Supplement Manufacturing Options

What is the Most Common Challenge That Powder Manufacturing Firms Face?

Flavoring, Flavoring, Flavoring!

Taste preferences differ from person-to-person. For example, a flavor that you find to be mouth-watering could be viewed as repulsive by your customers. It’s also important to note that certain flavors aren’t appropriate for certain protein products – watermelon plant protein powder, anyone?

A good contract manufacturer understands this concept and can guide you through the process in order to create a delicious protein powder supplement.

Here at NutraScience Labs, we have a certified food scientist on staff who can develop a customized flavor profile for you based on your specifications. Over the years, the outside-the-box products and flavors he has developed have stood head and shoulders above the standard chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry products that have flooded the market.

We also make it a point to send across flavor samples for approval in case you receive products that do not match your expectations. We keep an extra eye out for details such as optimum blending and uniformity in every batch. A general mistake that powder manufacturers often make in the process is to over-blend the desired product, which may not meet the required expectations. At NutraScience Labs, we try our very best to avoid even the most minute glitches. This is what makes us stand out in the competitive supplement market.

Ready to Manufacture Your Protein Powder Supplement?

Our team possesses over 120 years of nutraceutical industry experience and have manufactured dietary supplement products for more than 2,300 brands. We'd welcome the opportunity to learn more about your project and help you create a high-quality, great-tasting protein powder supplement.

To get started, call 855-492-7388 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or send us your request to receive a free manufacturing price quote in 48 business hours.


[i] https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200319005426/en/Insights-Global-Protein-Supplements-Market-2020-2027#:~:text=Further%20key%20findings%20from%20the,all%20nine%20essential%20amino%20acids

What Our Customers Say About Our Protein Manufacturing Services

"NutraScience Labs stand out from the other protein manufacturers."

"The team at NutraScience Labs is the real deal. I've been working with Frank and his team for over 7 years now. They have high-quality raw material suppliers, do a great job with scheduling, and are amazing to work with. They definitely stand out from the other supplement manufacturers you can choose from."
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June 18th, 2020

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Vincent Tricarico is currently the Vice President of Contract Manufacturing at NutraScience Labs. With nearly 20 years of direct-to-consumer and business-to-business experience, Mr. Tricarico is a respected executive in the dietary supplement industry and is well-known for his ability to consistently build and grow successful teams that produce results. Over the years, his work has been published in many industry trade publications, such as Natural Products Insider, Nutritional Outlook, and WholeFoods Magazine.