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Winter 2011 Supplement Manufacturing Trends

Last updated: August-19,2019

Winter 2011 Supplement Manufacturing Trends

Winter 2011 Supplement Manufacturing Trends

Winter is the season for immune support and according to an Associated Press report dated January 19, 2009, this is the time when herbal supplement sales tend to pick up. And, because more people are value shopping these days due to the state of the economy, we're likely to see an even sharper rise in the sale of dietary supplements this winter.

For many supplement users, the beginning of winter is a time to refresh the medicine cabinet and stock up on some important winter supplements. What popular supplement choices can we expect to see this winter? Here's our take on what the winter 2011 supplement manufacturing trends will be and what ingredients will be in high demand amongst consumers:

Vitamin D - The winter months in particular find us in need of Vitamin D. People tend to go out less and those who live in higher latitudes get little sunshine during the winter months. In addition, a growing body of research on the benefits of Vitamin D is convincing consumers to up their daily intake of Vitamin D supplementation. Not only does Vitamin D help to support a healthy bone structure, current research studies suggest Vitamin D may help to promote immunity and cardiovascular health. 1-2

Immune-Supporters - A report from the Natural Marketing Institute's Health and Wellness Trends (2010) reveals that consumers believe improving immune health would be one of the best ways to stay healthy. Therefore, supplements associated with immune support are popular amongst consumers. Popular delivery forms include tablets, capsules, and softgels. Due to more intensive research on herbs and other natural nutrients that help protect immune health, a combination of natural components may gain greater consumer attention.

      • Vitamin E - According to the National Institutes of Health, Vitamin E helps to support immune functions. 3
      • Astaxanthin - helps to enhance immune response in the body. 4
      • Apple fiber - A study conducted shows that apple fiber may exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and support the immune system. 5
      • Omega-3 fatty acids - exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and support immune health. 6
      • Echinacea helps to support immune health. It is believed to be particularly beneficial in supporting upper respiratory health. 7-8
      • Vitamin C and Zinc - helps promote immune system function. 9
      • Elderberry is known to have immune-supporting properties. 10

Skin Health - Chafing and dry skin are common during winter months because cold air holds less moisture. Warming up the temperature inside can make the environment inside the home drier than the outside. Basic nutrients that support skin health include Vitamins A, B, C and E. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements also help to protect skin health. Evening primrose oil promotes skin health and protects the skin against dryness. Aloe vera is an age-old remedy that is supported by scientific research. Aloe helps to relieve dry, itchy, irritated skin. 11-13 Skin health supplements can be manufactured as tablets, capsules or softgels.

Anti-Anxiety Supplements - It is not uncommon for people to experience the blues or anxiety during the winter months. According to SPINS, a Schaumburg, IL.-based natural products industry information provider, the sale of natural ingredients for anxiety and mood have gone up in recent years. Increasingly stressful lifestyles are also prompting more Americans to turn to natural supplements for sleep and anxiety support. This segment expanded by more than 35 percent between 2006 and 2007. 14 A few of the more popular dietary supplements for anti-anxiety include fish oil supplements, Vitamin B complex, amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, passion flower, theanine (green tea) and Vitamin D. Delivery forms include capsules, softgels, tablets and tea bags.

Joint Health - Stiff, achy joints are more common in winter. An increase in consumer demand for natural or herbal-based joint health supplements is highly likely. Many formulas combine natural nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin along with herbs such as boswellin to help support joint health.15-18 Delivery forms are usually capsules.

Growing Consumer Demand for Nutritional Supplements

According to key findings from a news report released by SPINS and Mintel, a global market research firm, rising health care costs and the potential side effects associated with taking prescription medication is increasing the popularity of the nutritional supplement industry. 19

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October 4th, 2010

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