Why does capsule weight vary by product?

Certain ingredients have different densities, and by mixing these ingredients into a formula, it creates a unique capsule weight based on the finished blend density and what can fit into a capsule.

Why does the production time take longer for one capsule formula, even when you have all of the ingredients in stock?

Certain ingredients can be sensitive to moisture (hydroscopic).  Because of this, materials can clump on machines, become sticky, and take longer to produce with higher loss rate of materials, too.

Why do I see FDC colors in the other ingredients?

When choosing colored capsules, stock colors use artificial dyes.  If natural colors are preferred, expect higher minimums, longer lead times, and a higher price.  There may also be limitations to which colors can be used naturally.

Why do some colored capsules look darker than others even though I am using the same color for multiple formulas?

Because of the natural formula in colors, a finished capsule can sometimes take on a different shade.  This is common with dark ingredients in a lighter capsule.

Why did my first capsule order have a beige color and my second order was brown?

When using natural ingredients like botanicals, color profiles tend to vary from lot to lot due to a variety of factors. (i.e. region, climate, harvest, etc.)

Why do so many brands choose capsules over tablets as their preferred delivery method?

Sometimes the formulation is better suited in a capsule, but most commonly, capsules are easier to swallow and generally dissolve faster than tablets when ingested.  They also allow for far less other ingredients.

If capsules are so popular, why aren't all pills in capsule form?

Space is typically the reason for this. Because there is a limited amount of space in a capsule, larger formulations sometimes are more practical in a tablet. Calcium is  a perfect example of this.

Why do some capsules have extra space in the finished product, but during the quotation process I was told the full formulation won't fit?

This varies from formula to formula.  Some formulations do not fit during the encapsulation process, but after settling occurs over time, the capsules then appear to have extra space.


Why do my capsules have such a strong odor?

Some ingredients used in your formulation make an unpleasant or strong odor unavoidable.  Make sure you speak with one of our experienced representative about your formulation ahead of time if this is something that concerns you.



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