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Experienced Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Developing a high-quality nutraceutical product can be a daunting proposition, especially if you're working with the wrong dietary supplement contract manufacturer.

Over the last decade, we've made supplement manufacturing easy for brand owners by providing them with "one-stop" solutions, allowing them to go to market faster than the competition.

Scroll down and click the boxes below to discover the proven process we've used to help hundreds of brand owners bring high-quality nutraceutical products to market on time and on budget.

Our Proven Process


Whether you’re looking to manufacture a vitamin and mineral-based, sports nutrition focused, or condition-specific formula, the planning and formulation stage is when you’ll be working with our contract manufacturing team to establish as many of your dietary supplement’s specifications as possible.

Regardless of your level of nutraceutical industry experience, there are certain types of questions you’ll want to consider before and during your first few conversations with your Production Specialist.

Questions for Your First Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing Phone Call:

  • What is your supplement intended to do?
  • Are there any ingredients you’re looking to include? To exclude?
  • Are you looking for any unique specifications? E.g. Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, Organic
  • Who is your target customer?

Contract Manufacturing Nutritional Supplements the Right Way

With over 50 years of experience contract manufacturing nutritional supplements, we make a point of asking you the right questions and learning the right details so that we can help you, as the brand owner, make the best product possible.

Our team has helped bring thousands of unique dietary supplement products to market. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. Our goal is to help you make the most of your company’s time, effort, and capital with each production run.

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When you choose NutraScience Labs as your supplement contract manufacturer, you're choosing experience. As a member of the Twinlab family of businesses, we're drawing upon more than 50 years' of combined experienced manufacturing vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

Manufacturing Your Nutraceutical Products with NutraScience Labs

  • Depending on the type and quantity of your request, we typically return price quotes back to our customers within 48 hours.
  • Our in–house powder flavoring capabilities are second-to-none. Bring us your ideas and we'll do our best to make them a reality.
  • Whether it's on the west coast in our Utah manufacturing plant or here on the east coast in a cGMP facility registered by NSF, your dietary supplement will be manufactured to all of your specifications using the highest quality ingredients and cutting-edge machinery.

Our Supplement Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

We know that in the world of dietary supplement contract manufacturing, variety and flexibility are key. That's why we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you dozens of contract manufacturing services to choose from. Whether you choose to take advantage of our full suite of services - or just the two or three that your business is in need of - is entirely up to you.

Here are just a few of the productions and contract manufacturing options that we can offer you and your business:

  • Supplement Types: Sports Nutrition, Condition-Specific, Clean Label
  • Delivery Methods: Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Softgels, Chewable Tablets
  • Production Services: Bottling, Powder Blending, Film Coatings, Wet Granulation
  • Flavoring: Expert Capabilities, On-staff certified food scientist, Natural flavors and Sweeteners

Learn about the next step in our process - PROJECT MANAGEMENT >>

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Over the years we’ve found that even the best contract manufacturing knowledge, experience, and resources can be rendered meaningless if there isn’t an effective project management process in place to bring it all together.

From First Inquiry to Finished Product

Our project management process is built around specifications. Through a series of multi-layered verifications, our team of account managers, production specialists, label designers and proofers will work to ensure that each of your product specifications has been met.

Your First Inquiry - Whether by phone or email, we'll work with you to establish all of the necessary details concerning your supplement's formulation and production pricing.

Specifications - You'll receive a specification sheet containing all of the previously established details concerning your product's packaging, flavoring, and formulation.

Production - After your order has been received and all of your specifications finalized, we can begin the production process. Our production team will continue to work with you to ensure that you receive regular updates and answer to any questions or concerns that you might have.

Your Finished Product - Once your supplement has completed its contract manufacturing journey, our production staff and our warehouse team will work to ensure that any and all of your shipping, Amazon, or fulfillment requirements are met.

From Finished Product to Next Venture

The way we see it, our relationship doesn't have to end once your product has been finished and shipped. Our team is always here to help. From simple questions to helping you gather the resources for your next dietary supplement product, we’ve got you covered.

Learn about the final step in our process – QUALITY CONTROL >>

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We distinguish ourselves from other vitamin contract manufacturers by making quality assurance a top priority. Along with having decades of combined experience to our name, our quality assurance team has the benefit of being led by a Chief Science Officer who has more than 40 years of industry experience - and not a single product recall - to his name.

Drawing on a diverse background that includes everything from military service to tenure as a key innovator and leader for Amway, Greg Grochoski's attention to detail and drive for excellence has influenced every member of the NutraScience and TCC Team.

We know that we can offer you the nutraceutical industry advice and insight you'll need in order to make the most of your time and money.

Meeting Industry & Specialty Supplement Specification

After establishing your formula, our team can work with you throughout the contract manufacturing process to help you create products that:

  • Meet Allergen-Specific, Gluten-Free, and Organic Ingredient Specifications
  • Meet Kosher and Vegetarian/Vegan Product Specifications
  • Receive In-house FTIR, UV/VIS / GC / HPLC, and ICP Testing and Analysis

Along with offering insight and guidance when it comes to navigating the vitamin contract manufacturing process, you can rest assured that your supplement will be crafted on the latest in high-speed manufacturing machinery with the highest-quality ingredients in a certified cGMP facility registered by NSF and/or NPA.

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Explore Our Full Suite of Custom Supplement Contract Manufacturing Services

Whether you’re developing a revolutionary sports nutrition formula or a custom vitamin or antioxidant blend, we've got you covered. Your nutritional supplements will be manufactured in cGMP compliant facilities located in the USA. 
Choose from the service offerings below and let us help you create a nutritional dietary supplement efficiently and to the highest level of quality.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Contract Supplement Manufacturer

Finding the right supplement contract manufacturing partner is an important, but often overlooked step in the process of creating a new product. Choosing an unqualified or unreliable manufacturer could have disastrous consequences. Following the tips below should help you identify the right vendor and position your dietary supplement business for success.

  • Ask Questions - There is nothing that isn't important - it could be anything from ingredients to sourcing of raw materials to delivery methods and more.
  • Know Exactly Who You're Talking To - Full disclosure is imperative. Ask for or research the manufacturer's team, qualifications, experience, etc.
  • What Other Capabilities Do They Have? - In addition to providing you with supplement manufacturing services, do they offer packaging, label design, and fulfillment solutions? Streamlining these activities and having one company be responsible for all of them can save you time and money - and also shorten the completion time of your project.
  • Can They Say "No"? - Is your supplement contract manufacturing partner a, "yes man" or are they experienced and competent enough to push back on you when it's warranted?
  • Don't Base Your Decision Solely On Price - You get what you pay for in the nutraceutical industry. As a brand owner, it's important to keep in mind that you're ultimately creating and selling products that people will ingest. If one manufacturer quotes your project out at a significantly lower price than the other vendors you spoke to, be very skeptical - it's likely that they're skimping somewhere.

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