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You've established your dietary supplement brand, but now you feel like there's something missing. With over 50 years of combined nutraceutical experience in our building, NutraScience Labs will provide you with the attention and reliability that you deserve and the insight you need to take your brand to new heights

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Over the years, we've helped supplement companies of all sizes overcome various obstacles that ultimately allowed them to capture more market share and generate more revenue.
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Phone, email, web form - no matter how you choose to get in touch, our team is ready to help you launch your dietary supplement line. With more than 50 years of combined nutraceutical experience, we've mastered the art of supplement manufacturing.


From high quality ingredients to innovative delivery methods, we know what it takes to improve your formula. Our team - which includes flavor specialists and a Certified Food Scientist - knows how to craft supplements that will meet your specifications and keep your customers coming back for more.


Our manufacturing facilities have been engineered to ensure competitive and accurate product turnaround times. With the help of the latest manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge equipment, you can rest assured that your supplement product will be manufactured efficiently and accurately in a cGMP facility.


Led by a Chief Science Officer with more than 40-years of industry experience, our team is dedicated to giving each production run the attention it needs in order to ensure that your supplement delivers the quality, efficacy, and value that you expect and your customers deserve.

Case Study: Growing an Emerging Supplement Brand

Length of relationship: 5 years

Multi-faceted partnership: Manufacturing & Distribution Services

Why Brand has chosen to work with NutraScience Labs:

  • Primary growth factor has been our consistent ability to ensure quality results on difficult timetables and product formulations - this is unlike NSL's competitors that have previously failed in meeting this customers' expectations
  • Client views delivery timetables with utmost importance, and is consistently certain that we will follow through on complicated orders - accurately and on time

How NutraScience Labs has grown with the Brand:

  • Relationship started with a single SKU and has expanded to 9 SKUs today
  • Brand now encompasses multiple product categories including men's health, immune health, mental health and sleep supplements 

Customer Revenue Growth:



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