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Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Our team is comprised of forward-thinking, hard-working, and creative nutraceutical manufacturing consultants who are passionate about helping brand owners manufacture and bring high-quality dietary supplement products to the market. Get to know us better by hovering over or tapping the photos below.


Executive Leadership Team

Vincent Tricarico

Vice President, Contract Manufacturing

Responsible for overseeing and assessing just about everything that comes through NSL‘s doors, this life-long hockey player (and fan) is always looking for new and innovative ways to speed up the “pace of play.” Outside of work, this proud husband and father of two isn’t afraid to slow things down. Watching his favorite NY sports teams and tending his garden are just a few of his pastimes.

Blayney McEneaney

Vice President, Sales

With nearly 15 years of industry experience, Blayney has learned a thing or two about the nutraceutical industry. A lover of savory snacks, Buffalo wings, and 10Ks (but preferably not all at once), Blayney has earned his place as the leader of our production team. When he’s not in the office, you can find him out on the golf course or embracing the joys of fatherhood.

Andrew Goldman

Vice President, Digital Marketing

With over 10 years of award-winning experience, Andrew is responsible for creating, implementing & tracking all of our digital marketing programs. When he isn't geeking out over the latest digital marketing trends, you can find Andrew sipping on an iced coffee (regardless of the temperature outside), updating his fantasy football teams or spending time with his wife and two children.

Dana Roveto

Director of Operations

Organization is key for this operations manager. An important member of our management and production team, Dana likes to keep things simple - both in her personal life and at NSL. Give her a task that needs doing (and a country playlist to listen to), and she'll get it done.

Brian Lambert

Divisional Accounting Manager

A fish whisperer and expert office aquarium keeper, Brian spends his days with numbers - lots and lots of numbers. When not at his desk, this one man accounting department can be found riding motorcycles (along with a number of other fast moving vehicles) or visiting Disney Land.

Order Management and Support Staff

Frank Johnson

Senior Account Executive

Recognized around the office for his ability to pick things up and put them down again (and for his "Frank Johnson-isms"), Frank is a key member of the NSL team. As a senior account executive, one of his specialties is helping industry newcomers bring their projects to life. Since April 2016, Frank has also embraced a new role: Principal Diaper Changer of Baby F.L.J.

Ralph DeFalco

Senior Account Executive

This proud husband and father of two knows that good listening is the key to great communication. Ralph is constantly honing his ability to engage with his clients' businesses and support their teams. Ever the wine enthusiast, Ralph has hopes of one day making the leap from "Competent Vinegar Maker" to "Amateur Wine Maker."

Todd Boysen

Senior Account Executive

A man of many talents (including, but certainly not limited to his ability to make "minute rice" in 58 seconds), Todd is one of the many members of the NSL team whose positive, can-do attitude is hard to miss. Father of three beautiful boys and husband to an amazing wife, Todd dedicates his days at NSL to helping his clients bring even of the craziest of supplement ideas to market.

Ryan Gillen

New Business Development Manager

Owner of an impressive collection of pop-culture bobble heads, Ryan happens to be one of several resident Crossfitters (shout out to Crossfit Lindy!) you'll find here at NSL. If there's one thing that Ryan brings with him to work each day it's his love for sports nutrition and fitness. Sharing that passion with his clients has quickly become one of his specialties.

Nicholas Diomede

Account Executive

A fan of lifting things up and putting them down, Nick brings his personal passion for health and fitness to the office each day. Like the rest of the NSL team, Nick is dedicated to offering clients top-notch customer service and key industry insights. When not in the office, there's a good chance that you'll find Nick enjoying a pro wrestling match, a taco (or six) from his favorite taco joint, or settling in to watch the latest horror flick.

Glen Tompkins

Account Executive
A former national champion and All-American lacrosse player, Glen has always been a health-conscious individual. As our newest account executive, working at NSL provides Glen the opportunity to build relationships with his clients and create high-quality products formulated to help people meet their health and wellness needs.

Deana Beier

Accounting Administrator

Deana works alongside the rest of our production staff to make sure that each run plays out like it's supposed to. Her creativity in problem solving reaches beyond the office and into the kitchen, where she enjoys cooking and entertaining for loved ones.

Christopher Bennett

Art Director

With over a decade of nutraceutical industry experience - Chris knows dietary supplement labels (and has the awards to prove it). If you manage to catch him outside the office you might also discover that Chris knows a thing or two when it comes to movies, local sports, and the European/International soccer scene.

Leslie Flores

Senior Label Administrator

This self-acknowledged Harry Potter fan is a key member of our project management team. Leslie spends much of her time in the office making sure that every label's specifications are met. Along with hanging out with her family, Leslie enjoys spending time with her four-legged (and furry) love, Buddy.

Adam Gershenson

Director of Logistics & Fulfillment Operations

With more than a decade's worth of experience in operations logistics and warehouse management, this proud Kansas City BBQ Society Member has what it takes to keep even the busiest warehouse running smoothly. When he isn't optimizing operations at the NSL warehouse, you'll probably find Adam spending time with his family or working on his never-ending list of home improvement projects.

Stacey Dores

Quality Assurance Supervisor

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality finished products possible, Stacey brings an extra layer of thoroughness to our QA team. Known for having way more hobbies than she has time in the day, her goals for this year include (finally) learning how to knit socks and mastering a macaron recipe. .

Tiana Jones

Quality Assurance Associate
As our new Quality Assurance Associate, Tiana not only brings along her whimsical charisma but her passion for being detail-oriented and prompt to ensure the "quality" of the QA Team remains intact. When she's not in the office, you can find her binge-watching the "Triple-G's": General Hospital, Game of Thrones, and Grey's Anatomy!

Amanda Fraus

Sales Assistant

An avid collector of vinyl records and POP! figurines, Amanda has become a key member of our production team. When this master color-coder and organizer isn't throwing around Billy Madison (or other classic Adam Sandler movie) quotes, there's a good chance you'll find her out on the town and enjoying everything that the Long Island and NYC live-music scenes have to offer.

Samantha Lucchi

Sales Administrative Assistant
As one of the newest members of the NSL team, Samantha is dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the dietary supplement industry and bringing her energetic and hard-working personality to our growing sales team. When she’s not in the office, you can find Samantha cruising around in her new Dodge Ram 1500 truck, enjoying summer country concerts, and savoring new wines and cheeses.

Sheila Deitch

Main Receptionist

When she's not answering the phones, Sheila's usually in the process of making sure that the NSL office stays in tip top shape. Always there to greet visitors with a smile, don't be surprised if you find this self-admitted shopaholic hanging out at the local karaoke joint on her nights off!

Michael Layman

Warehouse Manager

As our intrepid warehouse manager, Mike spends his days making sure that our team provides each of our clients with the accurate and efficient service that they deserve. With five years at NSL under his belt, this proud husband and father of two has hopes of beating his previous service records (of 18 years at Corwood Labs and 7 years at Sanofi).

Joe Messina


Universally recognized as the biggest NY Mets fan in the office, Joey is a key member of our warehouse team. When he isn't prepping palates or sitting behind the wheel of the NSL truck, Joey can usually be found riding his Harley (or thinking about riding his Harley).

Nelson Diaz


Nelson's all-star attitude and enthusiasm are hard to miss. Always eager to lend a hand, Nelson prides himself on his Bruce Lee-inspired fitness skills, attention to detail, and his ability to throw around some impressive impressions.

Our Core Values

The set of timeless and guiding principles that define our organization.


Customers First

We go the extra mile to walk you through every facet of the nutraceutical manufacturing process.


Passionate & Committed

Every NutraScience Labs employee possesses an "all-in" attitude. We do our jobs to the best of our ability and take pride in our work.


"We Over I"

We understand that accomplishing team goals leads to personal success.


Little Things Matter

Our reputation proves that completing a simple task great is an easy way to be successful in our line of work.


Transparent Communication

We believe that honestly and openly communicating with our clients builds trust, fosters meaningful collaboration, and creates accountability.


Employee & Customer Relationships Built on Trust

We believe trust is earned, not given. We'll do everything in our power to deliver a high-quality product that you're proud to put your name on and sell to your customers.