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Manufacturing Opportunities:
NordicCherry™ Tart Cherry Extract

Crafted using the latest technological breakthroughs, NordicCherry™ is one of the most potent powdered tart cherry extracts on the market today. Scroll down to learn more about this groundbreaking ingredient and how you can include it in your next dietary supplement product!




NordicCherry™ Tart Cherry Extract Has Everything That You and Your Customers Are Looking For and More

For those looking to push the nutritional supplement boundaries, the challenge has been capturing all of the well-researched and naturally occurring benefits of tart cherries and condensing them into convenient, effective, and desirable health and wellness solutions.

Along with the traditional benefits associated with modern tart cherry extracts and supplements, NordicCherry™ powdered tart cherry extract can offer brand owners and consumers:

  • TRACEABILITY / Uses Nordic-sourced, Non-GMO tart cherries traceable from plantation to powder.
  • CONVENIENCE / Small, 500mg 1-3 times a day, easy-to-follow dosing protocol.
  • FAST-ACTING / Has been shown to support post-exercise recovery within 7 days (at two serving per day).
  • PATENT-PENDING TECHNOLOGY /Patent pending technology, for superior concentration, bioavailability, and potency protection.
  • CONCENTRATION /One serving is made from 6.5 grams of whole tart cherries.
  • CLEAN / Free from dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial colors & sweeteners, 100% vegetarian & vegan-friendly.

What is Tart Cherry Extract?

Starting with fresh fruit, Tart Cherry Extract is often made using one or more varieties of Prunus cerasus (sour or tart cherry). While there are hundreds of types of Prunus avium (sweet cherry), there are only a handful of sour cherry varieties. Some popular varieties of sour cherry include morello, amarelle, and Montmorency.

In the case of NordicCherry™, fresh and carefully selected whole tart cherries are gathered and processed using the latest technology and in conjunction with Good Agriculture and Manufacturing Practices from farm to finished product.

The final stage includes the addition of a stabilizing agent to help ensure that the finished product has the greatest possible potency for the longest period of time possible – and NordicCherry™ is no exception!

With the help of MatrixShield™ protective technology, NordicCherry Tart Cherry Extract retains its broad spectrum of compounds and nutrients – including key antioxidants and other polyphenols.

Popular Benefits of Tart Cherry Extract

Tart cherry extract has become an incredibly popular ingredient in a wide variety of dietary supplement applications. There are potential tart cherry benefits out there for almost everyone!

Usually delivered via capsules in powdered form, studies have linked this ingredient to supporting a number of potential benefits including joint support, post-exercise recovery, healthy sleeping habits, and much more!

Its versatility and natural origins are some of the many factors that have made this up and coming supplement ingredient so appealing to consumers, supplement brands, ingredient suppliers, and supplement manufacturers!

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