Why do some powder formulas clump together?

Most of the time, the answer has to do with moisture. Certain ingredients are more sensitive to moisture (hydroscopic). This can be particularly difficult due to the climate and moisture control during the manufacturing process.

Why do some powder formulas smell bad?

Some ingredients, like certain amino acids, can carry a pungent odor.

Why is a pre-workout scoop so much smaller than my protein scoop?

Generally, protein is a higher weight than a pre-workout, but volume plays a significant role in a scoop size as well. Due to density variations, a formula’s scoop size usually takes some light R & D to assure the correct unit of measure

Why does my protein only fill the bottle half way?

During the filling process, the powder volume is much higher than after the product settles. Because of this, you must choose a bottle that is bigger than the fill. If you don't, there will be production delays, and a much higher potential of loss during the production process.

Can you make allergen free, organic, natural flavored & sweetened powder?

Requests for natural and allergen free products have been on the rise for years. One thing that you need to know is certain formulations just aren’t able to taste great using natural flavor systems; especially if you are looking for a no added sugar claim.

Why is my naturally flavored powder more expensive?

Besides natural ingredients being more expensive, many times you will also need to use more of it to achieve the desired effect.

Why is my chocolate flavor a different weight than my vanilla?

This is very common. Due to different flavor systems, it is almost impossible that you will use the exact amount of flavor for various flavors.

Why does my powder bottle look like it was crushed on the sides?

Certain formulas can create a gas within the bottle. Unless vented seals are used, this can become a potential problem.

Why does my latest batch of powder taste slightly different than my first batch?

Due to raw materials like herbs, it is possible that many natural ingredients can vary in taste. This could potentially adjust the flavor systems from batch to batch. This is why getting a pre-sample before bottling is so important.



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