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Full-Service Nutraceutical Tablet Manufacturer

Brand owners choose NutraScience Labs over other tablet manufacturers because we provide our clients with high-quality nutraceutical supplements designed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace and brand-building services proven to shorten product lead times. Scroll down to learn more about our firm and why you should choose us as your manufacturing partner.



Key Service Benefits

What you can expect when you work with us


Our nutritional tablet production capabilities allow us to create custom chewables, fast-melts, sublinguals, and more!


Order minimums for our tablet manufacturing services range from 1,500 to 2,000 bottles


We also offer world-class label design, packaging, and order fulfillment services


We typically return your custom price quote to you within 48 hours of receiving your request

Fast and Flexible Custom Tablet Manufacturing Services

NutraScience Labs is an industry-leading source for creating high-quality nutritional products intended to support a wide range of health concerns including, but not limited to, digestion, cognition, vision, and weight loss.

Our flexible tablet manufacturing capabilities truly enable us to bring your ideas to life. We can expertly manufacture your custom chewable, fast-melt, or sublingual tablets in a wide variety of shapes and offer several types of coating and imprinting options to make your product uniquely yours!

We also keep a large supply of raw materials readily available which means we can offer you competitive quote and product turnaround times. In most cases, our Production Specialists can return produce back to you within 48 hours of receiving your initial request.

Why Choose Us As Your Nutritional Tablet Manufacturer?

Our "customer first" approach to working with our clients

Providing you with world-class service is of paramount importance to our organization. In fact, it appears first on our list of company Core Values. Our knowledgeable Production Specialists will work with you throughout the entire tablet manufacturing process, which ensures that the finished product you receive from us meets your exact specifications. You'll never have to stress about getting lost in a voicemail maze or worrying about who is managing your account.


Unprecedented Attention to Detail and Quality

We are a tablet manufacturer that puts a premium on product quality. All our vitamin and supplement manufacturing occurs in a facility that is cGMP Certified by NSF. At every stage of the production process, our facilities conduct stringent quality control checks. Our facilities also continually monitor and control environmental factors in order to optimize the preservation, purity, and potency of active ingredients.
tablet manufacturer


"One-stop" labeling, printing, and packaging services

NutraScience Labs makes it easy to quickly take your tablet from production to market with our one-stoplabeling and packaging design solutions. We offer a wide variety of bottling and secondary tablet packaging options to protect your product and expert label design and printing services that can help your product "pop" off the shelves! Our in-house graphic artists can also create promotional materials, such as inserts and pamphlets, so you can effectively promote your products and educate your customers.

Convenient order fulfillment solutions

Need a place to store your excess inventory? Look no further than NutraScience Labs! Our on-site warehouse facility is cGMP registered by the NSF and climate controlled to ensure your product maintains its freshness. We also offer convenient and reliable order fulfillment service so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of creating a tablet?

Because there are many different sizes and shapes, you can determine how big/small you want your tablet to be according to serving sizes. Tablets can also offer a variety of coating from delayed-release, time-release, as well as custom colors.

How long does it take for a tablet to start to dissolve in the stomach?

It varies by person and formula, but generally, it takes 30-45 minutes until a tablet has completely dissolved in the stomach. Capsules typically take less time to dissolve, which is one of the reasons why consumers prefer them over tablets.

What Our Customers Say About Our Tablet Manufacturing Services

"Would recommend NutraScience Labs to others who are looking to start a nutritional supplement line."

"Highly professional, efficient people to work with. Received free quote quickly and it was more than competitive with others that I had received. Would recommend this business to others who are looking to start a nutritional supplement line."
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Let Us Manufacture a High-Quality Dietary Supplement For You!

Whether you're entering the industry for the first time, need a new tablet manufacturer or are thinking about adding a new product to your line, NutraScience Labs can meet all of your needs. Take the first step now to see how we can assist you!

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